Marmaris is one of Turkey's most popular holiday resorts of Marmaris. If you go by private car through the pine forests of Marmaris, on the path toward "That Marmaris" When I saw the sign written a bird's eye a break and watch the city. In the last 15 years has experienced very rapid construction, but the city still looks beautiful from this vantage point.

100.00 Marmaris in the summer months I find the city with its population if it is a huge holiday resort city. The bed capacity of hotels 60,000 has been exceeded. It is possible to find hotels for every budget. Hundreds of restaurants, cafes and entertainment places have been opened.

Despite all those structures, landscaping and water treatment systems through the inner city are among the rare cities that can be entered into the sea from the beach. Cleaner than the sea, looking for quieter spots can be reached by road or boat tours are set. Water and extreme sports enthusiasts, hotels and travel agencies offer a variety of options.

The most important historical building in the heart of the city castle. The first castle was built by İonialılar. Today the castle is the one made by the Ottomans in 1522. Fort, a French war ship in 1914 as a result of shelling damaged large. During the Republican era the castle was opened to settlement and 18 homes, a fountain made. The castle was restored between 1980-90 Year in today's museums are located. The entrance opens directly into the castle garden. The two side walls of the courtyard staircase exits. Walls should follow from the environment. Two of the archaeological museum indoors as issued. These two rooms in the garden and the area obtained from the excavation works, amphorae, Knidos, Burgas, Hisaronu obtained from the excavation of baked clay, glass objects, coins and ornaments are on display. One of the gallery is organized as ethnography of Turkish House, another of the castle is the commander's room.

Also Another Ottoman building in the city of Sultan Kervansarayı'dır Memory. In the year 1545 are indicated on the inscription over. The caravanserai is covered with arches above the castle is the entrance of the narrow street. 7 small and large rooms of the caravanserai, a souvenir and gift shops that sell today have been assigned to.

History in the market bazaar, as in the past continues to be today is the shopping center. Those who make purchases of products sold and has changed just everything became tourism.