Turunc - Bitter orange

"Turunc Marmaris is one of the 47 villages," the authors have made mistakes, we'll be doing an injustice we are also.

Citrus trees, if you go by road to the bus or your own vehicle through the pine forests extend in a curved path will go. Drink after the climb begins. If you are in the driver's seat of the environment and do not wander to the beauty of Marmaris Bay, note the corner. 20 km of asphalt road in half an hour if you can not rally enthusiast. But if you want to go by sea, 15 miles one way.


But how you go, you should go to Citrus. If you take a day and stay in Marmaris, Marmaris's biggest city, do not forget to exit environment. Turunc Marmaris pass through or stay in and go. Slopes, landings, turns, and always in your head as well when surrounded by pine trees Citrus crop up suddenly. Below you will see a ton of specially painted blue sea. Indigo-blue, glass blue, blue sky had fallen into the sea, all shades of blue in the sea.

Decorated with pine trees around the hill, surrounded by high hills, a cool fall from the beach and the sun is always bright but not sweltering hot. Pomegranate, mulberry, plums and citrus and ... Really, why not have more citrus trees in Turunc? Everywhere, but geraniums, oleanders and bougainvillea everywhere.

Blue Cruise Turunc is one of the indispensable stops. When evening boats anchored in the bay, beaches restaurants in the rise of the song. Ha, before I forget, Turunc bay now "Blue Flag" is flying. Blue Flag water, sand and clean environment, has put the necessary infrastructure for lying to, is taken by an international organization.

In citrus trees, the sea and the sun is out of options. To hiking, jeep-safari tour will find routes suitable for those who want to attend. If you are interested in diving, diving adventure you can do here.